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Functioning transport refrigeration unit

Uncategorized February 17, 2015

Did you know that the successful outcome of a correctly functioning transport refrigeration unit, Will always be the combination of the Output of the refrigeration unit and the Insulation quality of the Body.

You can have a poorly built and insulated body and overcome this by fitting a high output Refrigeration unit.The same can be said in part for a Refrigeration unit with poor Output and a high quality Insulated body .
But the best way to deal with this is to have both working in harmony ,or as we like to do have the refrigeration slightly overspec ..as in the Refrigeration unit say the next size up from your needs .

Of course Transport refrigeration as opposed to Static/Fixed installation such as your fridge at home are not subject to the varying Temperatures experienced by a vehicle constantly moving in the atmosphere ,so therefore subject to changing conditions.There is also the problem with the vacuum that is created at the immediate rear of all vehicles as there moving forward.This of course creates a high and low pressure areas ,and if your door seals are not up for it ,you will rapidly lose cold air out the rear doors..This is a very common problem ..Stay tuned for more topics such as ,Loading,Electric Stand by ,Cool down times ,Servicing,Refrigeration and body types ,whos is the best and why

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